The Briefing Papers

The contributors to have authored a range of briefing papers to inform and encourage debate about sustainable energy choices and the need for change.

The Briefing Papers

1. Economics of Nuclear Power

2. CO2 Emissions

3. Nuclear Power & Climate Change

4. Energy Efficiency

5. Sustainable Energy

6. Uranium Mining

7. Uranium Enrichment

8. Radioactive Waste

9. Nuclear Proliferation

10. Nuclear Terrorism

11. Nuclear Safeguards

12. Radiation & Health

13. Multilateral Fuel Cycle Proposals

14. Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

15. New Types of Nuclear Reactors

16. The Base Load fallacy

17. Generating Electrical Power - And Atomic Bombs

18. Uranium, India and the Fracturing NPT

19. Who's Watching the Nuclear Watchdog - A Critique of the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office

20. The Nuclear Industry: A History of Misleading Claims

21. Myths, Fallacies and 'Spin' about Greenhouse Solutions

22. Nuclear Power and Public Health

23. Nuclear Power and Civil Liberties



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